Hawaiian Story: Island of Paradise!

As if we weren’t already jealous of anyone who has been to the Aloha State, we came accross this story ! Click here to access useful links for Hawaiian life!

“In recent years, I have been blessed to have visited the beautiful Aloha State on several occasions. With a few friends in the right places, I have been able to experience so many things that the islands have to offer, and do it without breaking the bank! Whenever someone asks me a question about Hawaii, without fail, after my attempt at an answer, I find myself saying, “You just gotta check it out yourself!”.

Hawaii is like that, at least for me. It’s one of those places that is beautiful, but when trying to put it in words, you never quite do it justice. And there are just sooooooo many things to see and do, it simply is a destination that must be experienced first hand to understand what it is. Each island has it’s own highlights, which can make it even more exciting. Visiting each individual island is a vacation in itself. There is plenty, and I mean plenty, to do on all of them.

So if you get a chance to visit Hawaii, whatever island it is, don’t get in a rush. Trust me, you will not see everything. Well, that is, unless you have a spare year or so to take off! 🙂 Take your time, and enjoy each thing that you are able to do. Visit a few times if possible, because each time can be a new and different experience. Don’t have someone try to tell you how it is, just check it out yourself!!!”

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