Featured Travel Photographer: Steve Davey

Our featured travel photographer this week is Steve Davey!

Steve is insanely optimistic and believes that the best of life is always in front of him. A writer and photographer based in London, Steve has turned his day job into a way of life. He travels compulsively and is in love with the chaos of being on the road. A self-confessed crap sightseer, he is more interested in how places work and often how they don’t, than visiting monuments and museums. He would also rather be told he resembles Jean Reno than a badger and is working on immoral ways to use this to his own advantage.

Find his work HERE

polar bear

Female Polar bear with three young cubs, Freemansundet, Svalbard Archipelago

steve davey

Ostriches, Makgadikgadi Pan, Botswana


Erher Beach, Socotra, Yemen