Interview with our featured travel photographer: Stephane Lacasa

Stephane’s work impressed us here at Travel Bug Ltd so much that we chanced our arm and got an interview =D Hope you enjoy 😉


1. What elements make a great photograph for you?

A very good composition with an amazing light.

2. What was your most challenging image to capture, and why?

I was trying to capture a above and below photo of an iceberg in Iceland, got in the 2 degree water in my surf short would stay in the water for 20 seconds, would swim back to the beach run and move like a crazy person to warm up a bit and jump back in the water.

3. How does it feel when you are under the waves?

It feels amazing I am addicted to it, until you get smashed real hard on the reef or sand, got (perforated ear drums, reef cut, dislocated shoulder, bad knees).

4. In what country/countries did you have your most memorable experiences?

Iceland : surfing, biking, swimming with iceberg and more…

5. What advice would you give to budding travel photographers?

Travel light 😉

6. Lastly, any technical tips you can give us about shooting cool travel images?

Don`t follow the rules. Stay outside as long as you can, go camping hike a 100 miles 😉

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The famous iceberg 😉