Featured Travel Photographer: Berthold Steinhilber

Our featured travel photographer this week is Berthold Steinhilber!

Berthold, born in 1968, is a photographer based in Stuttgart, in the south of Germany. He studied photography at the FH Dortmund and the College of Arts in Falmouth.

He is wideley known for his landscape work and his special lighting technique. His Lightworks have attracted a growing international audience. He uses artificial light in documentary photography to illuminate whole landscapes and sceneries. A great part of his photography is concentrated on the change of places and landscapes by humans and the traces they leave behind.

Berthold Steinhilber has won several awards for his photography (a World Press award in 2009, a german book award for “Ghost Towns of the American West”, Kodak Young Talent Award, Reinhof Wolf Award…).

Find his work HERE