Featured World Travel Photographer: Emmanuel Coupé Kalomiris

Our featured travel photographer this week is Emmanuel Coupé Kalomiris!

Emmanuel was born in 1974 in Paris, France. He studied photography and arts in Greece and in Los Angeles. He became known for his intimate landscape photographs of the Scottish Highlands. In 2009, Emmanuel was chosen Landscape Photographer of the Year after winning the international competition Take-A-View in United Kingdom. This award was followed by several other international competition distinctions. Most notably the Gold medal for his landscape photographs in the Prix de la Photographie (PX3), 1st and 2nd prize for his architectural series from Paris at the International photography award (IPA).

Find his work HERE !

Featured world travel photographer: Phil Hill

Our featured travel photographer this week is Phil Hill!

Phil is now based in Perth, Australia.From modest beginnings in England’s west country, Phil picked up a camera quickly discovering its unique ability to act as skeleton key and backstage pass to the parts of life normally untouchable. Together with years of caravan holidays, bad weather and burnt BBQ sausages Phil felt the insatiable need to travel with the itchiest of feet leading to constant camera equipment carry-on luggage headaches. Moving to Australia, the sausages still get burnt but the travelling and the photography are much better.

Featured world travel photographer: Austin Mann

Our featured travel photographer is Austin Mann!

Austin considers himself as a technician that understands how to capture the splendor in the Creation around him. He has traveled to over 40 different countries in the last 3 years and has worked with numerous different non-profit and faith-based organizations to help them better cast their vision worldwide.

His work has been published by National Geographic, NY Times,  ABC, Washington Post, Travel Channel and more.

Find his amazing work HERE

AustinMann_Travel_Photographer_Nepal003 _MG_4203a _TW_2241

Featured Travel Photographer: Steve Davey

Our featured travel photographer this week is Steve Davey!

Steve is insanely optimistic and believes that the best of life is always in front of him. A writer and photographer based in London, Steve has turned his day job into a way of life. He travels compulsively and is in love with the chaos of being on the road. A self-confessed crap sightseer, he is more interested in how places work and often how they don’t, than visiting monuments and museums. He would also rather be told he resembles Jean Reno than a badger and is working on immoral ways to use this to his own advantage.

Find his work HERE

polar bear

Female Polar bear with three young cubs, Freemansundet, Svalbard Archipelago

steve davey

Ostriches, Makgadikgadi Pan, Botswana


Erher Beach, Socotra, Yemen

Interview with Gary Arndt!

You enjoyed Gary Arndt?! We had a funny interview with him only for you! Learn more about our awesome featured travel photographer of the week 😉

1) Why did you suddenly decide to sell your house and leaving your whole life behind? Was it a dream for you?
I had several businesses I had started and I was at a position where I didn’t know what to do with my life. I had returned to school to study Geology and while it was fun, it wasn’t something I could do as a career.

In 1999 the firm I had sold my company to sent me on an around the world trip to talk to their regional offices. It was the first time I had ever traveled internationally and I enjoyed it. Sometime in 2005 I came up with the idea of traveling around the world and I just did it. It wasn’t a life long dream, it was just something I decided to do.

2) What country gave you the best memory? Why?
There is no one country, and most countries are large enough that the country as a whole doesn’t get credit so much as a single town or village.
That being said, some of my favorite countries include Fiji, Samoa, Namibia, Sierra Leone, Spain, Thailand and Australia.
3) What is your craziest/funniest experience while traveling?
Dog sledding in the Yukon would be up there. Swimming with jellyfish in Palau would as well.
4) How did you friends & family take your decision to go around the world?

Most of them probably thought I was crazy, but they didn’t really say anything to me as most of the decisions I’ve made in my life were considered crazy, but turned out for the best.

5) What advice can you give to our travelers?
The ability to adapt is more important than the ability to plan. Take things as they come and don’t worry about keeping to your original plan.


Sunset on Strait of Hormuz 2 - Musandam, Oman

Sunset on Strait of Hormuz 2 – Musandam, Oman

Featurd Travel Photographer: Gary Arndt

Our featured travel photographer this week is Gary Arndt!

In 2007, Gary had a crazy idea: he sold his home to travel around the world!! Since then he has been traveling non-stop and have visited over 100 countries. During that time he went from being an absolute novice to an award winning travel photographer!!

Have an eye here on his amazing work and watch more on his website HERE!

Featured Travel Photographer: Alexander Michael Hill

Our featured travel photographer this week is Alexander Michael Hill!

Alexander Michael Hill is a graphic designer and photographer. With some 30 years of experience in the industry, Alexander offers a diverse portfolio of work ranging from logo and print design, wedding art, to Fine Art HDR images. After 15 years working at a local university in his hometown of Edmonton, Alberta, Alexander began his freelance career with the creation of self-proprietary company called Image Grafx.

Having a penchant for sports design, he was fortunate enough to work with the likes of the Edmonton Eskimos and Edmonton Oilers for several years before moving his family to British Columbia in 2003. Since that time, Alexander has continued to provide creative services for various university, junior, club, and minor athletic associations in the province.

Find his work HERE

Featured Travel Photographer: Berthold Steinhilber

Our featured travel photographer this week is Berthold Steinhilber!

Berthold, born in 1968, is a photographer based in Stuttgart, in the south of Germany. He studied photography at the FH Dortmund and the College of Arts in Falmouth.

He is wideley known for his landscape work and his special lighting technique. His Lightworks have attracted a growing international audience. He uses artificial light in documentary photography to illuminate whole landscapes and sceneries. A great part of his photography is concentrated on the change of places and landscapes by humans and the traces they leave behind.

Berthold Steinhilber has won several awards for his photography (a World Press award in 2009, a german book award for “Ghost Towns of the American West”, Kodak Young Talent Award, Reinhof Wolf Award…).

Find his work HERE


Featured Travel Photographer: Ken Kaminesky

Our featured travel photographer this week is Ken Kaminesky!

Ken is a self made billionaire inventor. He worked at NASA and CERN, explored 8 continents including Atlantis and won 2 Nobel prizes, a Pulitzer, six Grammys and People magazine’s sexiest man alive 3 years running. Currently, Ken is working on developing cold fusion reactors that will provide free clean, sustainable energy to all mankind for centuries ahead … and also takes photos in his spare time!

Over the last ten years he has been shooting commercial lifestyle images for stock photography agencies such as Alamy, Jupiterimages, Corbis and Getty Images. Ken had his photos published for editorial and commercial purposes all over the world and have had some great commercial clients along the way as well.

Find his website HERE

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Featured Travel Photographer: Bob Krist

Our featured travel photographer this week is Bob Krist!

Bob is a freelance photographer who works regularly on assignment for magazines such as National Geographic TravelerSmithsonian, and Islands. These assignments have taken him to all seven continents and have won awards in the Pictures of the Year, Communication Arts, and World Press Photo competitions. During his work, he has been stranded ona glacier in Iceland, nearly run down by charging bulls in southern India, and knighted with a cutlass during a Trinidad voodoo ceremony. He won the title of “Travel Photographer of the Year” from the Society of American Travel Writers in 1994, 2007, and 2008. In 2000 his work was honored at the Eisenstaedt Awards for Magazine Photography in New York City.

Find his work HERE