Australian Night Sky: Skyfall is where we start ;)

10 shots which will blow your mind!!!

11 things that you can only do in Australia!

Don’t know what to do in Australia? Simple things stay the best to do 😉

Australia: it’ll blow your mind!!

We’ll never find enough words to describe how Australia’s landscapes are simply AWESOME!

Australian Road Trip seen by … Lego!

Imagine yourself as a Lego and then, just try to imagine how AWESOME would be the landscapes with this small size 😛 if you couldn’t be like a Lego, imagine yourself going on a road trip 😉

Aussie festivals: you won’t believe that!

Festivals  correspond to Australia’s atmosphere! You’re feeling good as long as you take part to the party 😉


The Parkes Elvis Festival, Parkes – New South Wales


Sydney Mardi Gras !

Sydney Mardi Gras !


Dark Mofo

Dark Mofo – Tasmania



The Darwin Lions Beer Can Regatta



The Henley-On-Todd Regatta



Lasseters Camel Cup


Vivid Sydney

Vivid Sydney



Sh*t Box Rally

Awesome Tasmania’s southern light :D

Sit down on the sand and keep your head in the stars! Australia would never stop to surprise us with unbelievable landscapes 😉

Ocean road trip? Taste Freedom ;)

6 reasons to go on an Ocean road trip 🙂

1) Breathtaking landscapes!



2) Beaches you couldn’t ever think that they exist 😉




3) Amazing wildlife !




4) The view from the aboard: take a scenic flight!




5) Unlimited colours 😉




6) Keep going 😉



Australia: Sun, Cocktails, Surfing, Snow: Which of these words is the intruder? ;)

Australia is well known for … sun, surfing, cultural events but less for … the Winter! You won’t believe what you’re going to see right now 😉

But first, let them take a selfie ;)

Am I in focus? Three koalas, Bruce, Aaron, and Bill, at Wild Life Sydney Zoo, have been trained to take selfies using a mounted camera!

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