3 Irish Lads Around The World !

What a crazy project?! Iain McNamara, Chris McGrath and Kevin Cobbe, all 26, are 3 Irish childhood friends from Dublin and Kildare. Passioned for all things Irish, these three guys, armed with a world wide travel ticket, a limited budget and a camera, went through 22 countries !! What was the aim? To spread Irish culture world wide! These guys Riverdanced their way around the world… Even though they never took a dance class in their lives. They finally returned home and have become an Internet phenomenon!

But the guys have done so much more than just Riverdance! They visited schools, universities, businesses and people’s home. They showed that to know each others cultures we have to know people and try to go to meet them 🙂

The main thing is they reached their aim: now, people they met around the world are sharing their video with their friends!





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