3 Irish Lads Around The World !

What a crazy project?! Iain McNamara, Chris McGrath and Kevin Cobbe, all 26, are 3 Irish childhood friends from Dublin and Kildare. Passioned for all things Irish, these three guys, armed with a world wide travel ticket, a limited budget and a camera, went through 22 countries !! What was the aim? To spread Irish culture world wide! These guys Riverdanced their way around the world… Even though they never took a dance class in their lives. They finally returned home and have become an Internet phenomenon!

But the guys have done so much more than just Riverdance! They visited schools, universities, businesses and people’s home. They showed that to know each others cultures we have to know people and try to go to meet them 🙂

The main thing is they reached their aim: now, people they met around the world are sharing their video with their friends!




Sydney – Melbourne: an awesome way to discover Australia!

We always talk about cool places to visit but not of the best way to discover them 🙂 Check out this story and flip your view about this paradisiac country 😉

Click HERE to see useful tips for Melbourne 😉

Click HERE to see useful tips for Sydney 😉

” This is not how I’d normally spend a Wednesday morning. I’m perched on another man’s lap in a miniscule plane with no seats. Behind me my instructor is tightening a series of straps while whistling with the nonchalance of a man who does this for a living. We hit 14,000 feet, the door opens and we’re out.

The next 60 seconds is a cheek-tugging, mind-rushing, scream-inducing blur. And then he opens the chute. I feel as if I’ve been in fast-forward and someone has just pressed the play button again. Our descent transforms into a serene succession of graceful arcs. He lets me steer and we swoop majestically between the clouds. Wollongong and its beaches far below have never looked more beguiling.

When we finally hit the ground, I want to hop straight back in the plane and do it again. Which, of course, is exactly what he does as an instructor for Skydive the Beach.

Instead, I let the adrenalin surge subside over a calming cappuccino and study the roadmap. I’m following one of the Sydney to Melbourne touring routes, a series of itineraries that highlights the myriad activities and destinations between these two great cities.

There are two options: a nature-themed drive that weaves its way along the coast and an inland route via Canberra that focuses on the region’s cultural heritage. Side trips include the Great Alpine Road between Wangaratta and Bairnsdale and the Kosciuszko Alpine Way from Canberra to Albury. The beauty of these itineraries is that you can tailor them to focus on the experiences you enjoy most.”

To see the whole testimony: Click HERE!


Featured Travel Photographer: Kim Kozlowski

Our featured travel photographer this week is Kim Kozlowski.

Kim has a passion for travel and nature photography.  Much of his work focuses on the American West, featuring landscapes from California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho, Montana and Washington state.  Many of the images are from spectacular national parks including Joshua Tree, Death Valley, Yellowstone… Kim also enjoys capturing the beauty of places closer to home: the urban spaces and everyday places that surround him.

Take a trip to his photo galleries HERE!

“Soberanes Point II” | California


Interview with our featured travel photographer: Stephane Lacasa

Stephane’s work impressed us here at Travel Bug Ltd so much that we chanced our arm and got an interview =D Hope you enjoy 😉


1. What elements make a great photograph for you?

A very good composition with an amazing light.

2. What was your most challenging image to capture, and why?

I was trying to capture a above and below photo of an iceberg in Iceland, got in the 2 degree water in my surf short would stay in the water for 20 seconds, would swim back to the beach run and move like a crazy person to warm up a bit and jump back in the water.

3. How does it feel when you are under the waves?

It feels amazing I am addicted to it, until you get smashed real hard on the reef or sand, got (perforated ear drums, reef cut, dislocated shoulder, bad knees).

4. In what country/countries did you have your most memorable experiences?

Iceland : surfing, biking, swimming with iceberg and more…

5. What advice would you give to budding travel photographers?

Travel light 😉

6. Lastly, any technical tips you can give us about shooting cool travel images?

Don`t follow the rules. Stay outside as long as you can, go camping hike a 100 miles 😉

Stephane’s website HERE!

Stephane’s Facebook HERE!

Stephane’s Instagram HERE!


The famous iceberg 😉

Hawaiian Story: Island of Paradise!

As if we weren’t already jealous of anyone who has been to the Aloha State, we came accross this story ! Click here to access useful links for Hawaiian life!

“In recent years, I have been blessed to have visited the beautiful Aloha State on several occasions. With a few friends in the right places, I have been able to experience so many things that the islands have to offer, and do it without breaking the bank! Whenever someone asks me a question about Hawaii, without fail, after my attempt at an answer, I find myself saying, “You just gotta check it out yourself!”.

Hawaii is like that, at least for me. It’s one of those places that is beautiful, but when trying to put it in words, you never quite do it justice. And there are just sooooooo many things to see and do, it simply is a destination that must be experienced first hand to understand what it is. Each island has it’s own highlights, which can make it even more exciting. Visiting each individual island is a vacation in itself. There is plenty, and I mean plenty, to do on all of them.

So if you get a chance to visit Hawaii, whatever island it is, don’t get in a rush. Trust me, you will not see everything. Well, that is, unless you have a spare year or so to take off! 🙂 Take your time, and enjoy each thing that you are able to do. Visit a few times if possible, because each time can be a new and different experience. Don’t have someone try to tell you how it is, just check it out yourself!!!”

To see the whole testimony HERE!



Featured Travel Photographer: Dario Endara!

Our featured photographer this week is Dario Endara!

Dario is an American photographer living in the Netherlands. For him, travel photography started as a hobby and became his career. He travelled to more than 30 countries and created a vast collection of images of people and places from around the world. His goal? To cover the globe and explore what it has to offer!

Find his work HERE!


Featured Travel Photographer: Stephane Lacasa

Our featured photographer this week is Stephane Lacasa!

Award winning photographer, Stephane Lacasa was born in France in 1971. He moved from the North Shore of Maui (Hawaii) to the Reunion island in 1990. In the early 90’s, he made a name for himself in the waves of Hookipa as a professional windsurfer gathering prestigious sponsors such as Rusty, Oxbow, Neil Pryde Sails…

Stephane moved to the island of Oahu in 2002 where he continues to pursue his passion for photography.

Find his work HERE!

Ottawa: top tips & links!


Visiting Ottawa is like visiting an old friend, you’re feeling good as long as you’re there! What a gem? This English-French city offers famous festivals to incite you to discover more of it’s places, history and mixed culture 😉

A bit of everything :



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Don’t forget to watch out for special offers and discount coupons in free newspapers and leaflets aroud the city !


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