Featured World Travel Photographer: Emmanuel Coupé Kalomiris

Our featured travel photographer this week is Emmanuel Coupé Kalomiris!

Emmanuel was born in 1974 in Paris, France. He studied photography and arts in Greece and in Los Angeles. He became known for his intimate landscape photographs of the Scottish Highlands. In 2009, Emmanuel was chosen Landscape Photographer of the Year after winning the international competition Take-A-View in United Kingdom. This award was followed by several other international competition distinctions. Most notably the Gold medal for his landscape photographs in the Prix de la Photographie (PX3), 1st and 2nd prize for his architectural series from Paris at the International photography award (IPA).

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What will you put on your bucket list? ;)

1. Set foot on each of the seven continents. Antarctica might seem like a tough one! Once you’ve reached all seven you can truly call yourself a world traveler.


2. Cross a country on a bicycle. A bicycle tour takes some planning but it beats being separated from a country though a passenger-side window.


3. Ride something bigger than a horse. Trekking through the jungle on the back of a two-story elephant will surely be something you remember forever.


4. Live like a local for a month. Visiting native peoples will give you way more insight into another way of life than two years hopping from one backpacker ghetto to the next. But don’t abuse of your experience 😛


5. Visit a “real” blues bar in Chicago. What better way to leave music’s commercialism behind and find the soul of the blues?


6. Travel India by train. With its extensive rail network, this mode of transport is the best way to see one of the world’s most colorful and diverse countries. We just wish you good luck 😉

Hindu devotees travel on a crowded passenger train in Goverdhan

7. Climb one of the world’s Seven Summits. Climbing mountains is not for the faint-hearted, but many people rank standing atop one as one of the things to do before you die.


8. Dive with a whale shark. Swimming with these gentle giants is among the most powerful wilderness experiences in the world.


9. Participate in a Carnival parade in Brazil. You haven’t had a good night out until you’ve been to the biggest party in a nation of big parties.


10. Dance tango in Argentina: or just try to learn how to dance 😉

argentine tango


Baboon Hooligans ?!

In the humorous travel anthology “Not So Funny When It Happened,” Australian writer Jayce White recalls a trip to Zimbabwe in which he was awakened one morning in his humble accommodations — a round thatched hut at Victoria Falls — by an infernal uproar. A troop of baboons ran amok outside “swinging from light poles, and bashing out industrial dance beats on garbage lids and barbeque amenities.”

Oddly, White’s companions slept right through the noise, so he was the only one awake when “a baboon the size of an adult wookie” demonstrated his ability to turn a doorknob, burst into the room, and nonchalantly pulled up a chair at the dinner table, inches away from the bed where White was lying, and began to chow down on the travelers’ leftovers from dinner.

White attempted to chase away the animal by unleashing a stream of angry profanity, but the baboon didn’t even flinch. The only potential projectile he could reach was his Walkman, but the attached headphones wrapped around a lamp on his nightstand, and his throw succeeded only in sending an avalanche of his belongings crashing to the floor. Finally, one of his roomies got out of bed, still half-asleep, and waved a pillow at the baboon. For some reason, that harmless object scared the animal, and he ran back outside.

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Featured world travel photographer: Phil Hill

Our featured travel photographer this week is Phil Hill!

Phil is now based in Perth, Australia.From modest beginnings in England’s west country, Phil picked up a camera quickly discovering its unique ability to act as skeleton key and backstage pass to the parts of life normally untouchable. Together with years of caravan holidays, bad weather and burnt BBQ sausages Phil felt the insatiable need to travel with the itchiest of feet leading to constant camera equipment carry-on luggage headaches. Moving to Australia, the sausages still get burnt but the travelling and the photography are much better.

Australian Night Sky: Skyfall is where we start ;)

10 shots which will blow your mind!!!

Featured world travel photographer: Austin Mann

Our featured travel photographer is Austin Mann!

Austin considers himself as a technician that understands how to capture the splendor in the Creation around him. He has traveled to over 40 different countries in the last 3 years and has worked with numerous different non-profit and faith-based organizations to help them better cast their vision worldwide.

His work has been published by National Geographic, NY Times,  ABC, Washington Post, Travel Channel and more.

Find his amazing work HERE

AustinMann_Travel_Photographer_Nepal003 _MG_4203a _TW_2241